Saturday, October 2, 2010

UPDATE! I'm in the San Francisco Bay area. Berkeley/Oakland to be exact! Visiting with a very good long time friend Kevin and making new ones. Staying with the ever so hospitable Justin, who I can't thank enough! Petunia is doing great!! Has become quite the gypsy pig! She has ridden on the Greyhound Bus and city buses, hitchhiked a plenty and camped all down the west coast. Been in numerous newspapers, on the radio and the evening news, photographed over 3000 times...she is fearless!

She is often referred to "the Famous Pig!" People will have seen her in the paper or have heard about her on the news or radio and then come up and call her by name. She's a cutie and has been a fan favorite for everyone!

Went to an awesome warehouse party the other night where Justin dj's and watched all kinds of Cirque du Soleil type performances. I even tried out the aerial silks, quite fun I might add.

Rebecca went to Disney world for a family reunion on the 30th and will be back on the 8th. She has a very well updated blog that tells more of our daily interactive story! add her and follow our details more closely. My life has always been more about the journey and not so much the destination! I've alawys assumed we will get there when we get there!

I've heard to wonderful quotes that speak volumes to me:

Be the change you want to see in the world. Gandhi

The more stuff you own, the more your stuff owns you.

Are we living? Are we doing what we want to do? Are we helping others where we ourselves have been helped before? Do we and or am I paying it forward.

I miss you all.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Paused!

Sorry for my lack of blogging! I had to take a short reprieve in Eugene Oregon. I met a beautiful woman Named Rebecca, who has brought warmth, light, and love into my heart. She was about to go travel nursing, and instead has decided to walk her crazy ass across the country, together with me we will go!

Just to catch up, I'm in Langlois Oregon, and started walking again about a week ago. Petunia is fat and sassy as always! Spoiled to the core and the star of the trip! I feel like her trained monkey that pushes her and feeds her sometimes!! She knows how to draw a crowd and has been enjoying the trip so far. If anyone needs to reach me or has leads on place to stay for us, please call 541.870.9148. This is Rebecca's phone!

I miss everyone and I will write more soon about the trip and all its adventures and crazy mishaps!

hugs and kisses!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finnally some internet access and time to blog! I have sooooo much to tell and people to thank! The walk is good and going strong, a little slower through Oregon than I anticipated, but still having fun and spreading the word!

I'll start with some adventures...

GOONIES!!!! Yes I went to the 25th Anniversary in Astoria. "Never say die!!" It was awesome. I took the tour of the film sites, including the house, Mouth's house, Chunk's bowling alley, etc. I met Jeff "Chunk" Cohen at one of the local bars and got a pic w him. Chris and Emily were fun to hangout with.

My phone that died and has now been replaced, had a dailey journal I've been keeping of highlights and people that have been apart of this journey. I'm going to re-cap! and try my best.

Pacific City: American Lung Association ends their bike athon in PC with a big event in front of the other Haystack Rock. About 300 people petted Petunia and got their picture with her! She is so good. Mark the Chief of Fire Dept. gave us a place to stay. Which was super nice, and needed because I was getting a little sick and didn't really want to sleep outside!!

Neskowin: Bob are awesome. Thank you for taking me over the small mountain and to a fabulous breakfast at the Otis Cafe where I had molasses bread..delish!
Lincoln City: has a cool tattoo shop called "No Guts No Glory" Eric Johnson is the man! nextdoor was a porn shop cafe "food and boobs!!"...tres bizzare!

Depoe Bay: this place is interesting and very up and down for me. First I went to the Post Office, and next door was a new organic vegetarian restaurant "All Great Things" so I parked Petunia's stroller and went in. Note: I hadn't slept in almost two days from walking all night because it was raining with sixty mile an hour winds at about fifty degrees. Well, I go in and start looking around and someone was asking me about what I was doing, and Petunia's stroller rolled off the sidewalk and started down the hill of the parking lot! AAAUUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!! I ran outside so fast and caught it, thank god for reflexes! in the midst of doing that, my glasses fell off and I stepped right on them, crushed in about 10 pieces. Thats the start of shitty day! But then I had a wonderful and delicious lunch and even came back the next day and had lunch with two awesome ladies, thank you Tracy.
To continue the headache and desperation for some sleep! I walked up and down some serious hills and found a hotel "the four winds" DO NOT STAY THERE!! I called them, said I have a small pet pig and asked for the price. I walked all the way back and once I was there, checked in, and went to my room. My door hit the bed and the stroller wouldn't fit in the room. So I called the management, and when she came down, she started yelling at me, telling me I can't stay here, that I never said I have a pig or a pet for that matter, she couldn't hear me on the phone because the wind...etc........I was very disenchanted to say the least, and really really tired!
Well, I walked on a mile or so and came up to this bar called the "Pirates Booty" and a woman named Penny came out and saw me talking to a little crowed. She asked if I needed a place to stay...somebody is watching over me! alls well that ends well!!
Randee I had fun going to the lighthouse and Devil's punch-bowl, and a fabulous dinner at Cafe Mundo, it was a treat.
Newport: Why can I not leave Newport?????? Met a bunch of people on the boardwalk. Had some mediocre sushi that everyone said was awesome, its also the only sushi place for miles! So I guess its the best one they have! I thought it sucked, anyways!!
Cafe Mundo, fed me so well...but Petunia had a three pound bowl of goodies from Mama Mundo!
I stayed at the Willers Hotel, very nice people, who said "we don't allow cats, we have a deposit for dogs, but not for pigs, so I can't charge you a pet deposit!" Thank you so much.
Christine, on her way to a retreat, you are beautiful and a blast to hang out with. I think you may have gotten me a little drunk my dear!!
I went to "Crazy Eights Tattoo" they were awesome. John bought some flash from me, and Miss Terin got some ink from me!
I did hitchhike back to Seaside and back to get my equipment, and that was an adventure in itself. I boarded Petunia for the day...its not that easy to hitchhike with a pig!
Back to Netarts to do some tattooing. Then off to Goonie-land!
Back to Newport The enormous bridge haunted me for over a week...finally I crossed it! ONWARD!! I knew I wasn't going to make it to Waldport, and my fleece got soaked. I wasn't about to sleep in wet fleece! So I knocked on someones door and asked to use their dryer, yes a random stranger! I figured they were someones neighbor, and for the moment they were mine.
As he opened the door, I was pulling my iPod out of my raincoat and he said "Hi, can I help you? Do you want to download some music?!?!" They were very kind and said they saw me crossing the bridge, and that I was lucky it wasn't windy out. Normally that bridge is a nightmare.

before I go, I want to thank Margaret Merrifield and Jim Daily, Thank you, you're very kind. I also want to thank Brian and Hayley Howe and their fearless children Evan and Lauryn...and I will never forget the "Martin's" Russ, Traci, Austin and Gabe we had some fun!!
I feel like I've left a few people out, and its not intentional. You were in my journal, and its lost forever.

Waldport, Yachats, and Florence to come in my next blog!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 10 & Day 11

Day 10
Was kind of sore. So, took most of the day off at Bens grandparents beach house. About 5pm, I decided to walk to Netarts. I walked up a very scary winding hill. I met w Pastor Jerry Baker. Very nice & welcomed Petunia & I into his home w open arms. He made us breakfast & had the newspaper come out & do a story on us. Thank yo Erin for doing a story on us. Pastor Jerry, thank you again.

Day 11
On my way to Cape Lookout from Netarts.
When I arrived, I stayed in the "hiker/biker" camp sites, where I was greeted by the Martins! who were awesome. They helped me setup my camp-site. They had heard about Petunia & we talked tattoos for a bit. Russ is quite illustrated. Russ & Tracy were super cool. I made my rounds to see where the bath-house was & to meet some people & spread my message. I met some nice people, & a woman who also has a couple of potbelly pigs. Audi & Oamar invited to their table for a habanaro grilled cheese! & great conversation. Oamar showed me how to"mogule ski!" Later that evening, Joel, who was camping by himself, invited me to his fire & we had smores!! we had a good science chat! I had a good time thanks to Russ & Tracy, Audi & Omar, Joel & a few others!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 9

Sorry I haven't updated. I've been jotting stuff down everyday, but I've been quite worn out & a little under the weather! Many appologies!

Day 9
Ben dropped me back off in Giarabaldi & I headed to Tilamook..& oh the adventure began! a man pulled over named Jerry & gave me a gift. He said he'd just received it & insited that I take it. Its hard to let someone give me something when I know they really don't have it to give. I thank him for his generosity & hope it finds its way back to him a hundred fold.
The show doesn't stop there! a woman named Shem stopped me, as I entered Bay City, Oregon & said that since I'm doing a Cancer Awareness inspired walk, that I should go to Artspace fine art & great food! She said they have a special kind of water filtering machine that produces a 9.5 ph. Cancer can't live in an alkaline environment. So I go to Artspace, & I'm greeted by Frankie. A 5yr old boy that was the welcoming committee! Trisha, the owner, was inspired by my walk & it made her day she said. She is a saint! She bought me breakfast & is known to see people walking by & will yell out to them " are you hungry for breakfast?" They usually reply, "I don't have any money!" she replys "I didn't ask you if you have any money, I asked if you are hungry!!"
Like I said, she's a saint! She has owned & operated this sacred place for 22 years. My veggie omlette had zuchinni, asapragus, mushrooms,spinach, & Tilamook cheddar. YUMMMMM!! Trisha fell in love w Petunia. She fed her a head of lettuce, a huge carrot, an apple, 2 stalks of celery, & a half a watermelon! Spoiled that pig is!
Her cast & crew were welcoming & friendly, Along w Trisha, I met Kiva, Frankie, Vanessa, David, Christy, & Kennedy that set me off w some lemon bars. Thank you Artspace. I look forward to coming back to Bay City, Oregon & enjoying your company, awesaome art gallery, Yummy food! & great conversation again.

I went to the Tilamook cheese factory, had some cheese & icecream! then stopped by the Blue Heron for some wine & cheese tasting! Yumm!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 7 & Day 8

Day 7 was good. Woke up on the beach. The tarp above me didn't seem to keep much moisture out! or at all actually! LOL
I walked through Rockaway Beach & met some awesome people. I stopped by The Foghorn Sport Pub & Grill & had a very warm welcome. Brad & his wife fed me a delicious lunch "fish & chips" one of my favorites! Thank you again.
I had some great conversation w a couple that was there, but I'm so bad w names! They were really cool & were excited to meet Petunia! Later in Rockaway Beach we went to the Post Office, were they insisted Petunia come inside! The two ladies that ran the post office were hilarious! & had a ball w Petunia! Then everywhere I went in that town after, would say"I heard about you!" which means that sewing circle is tight knit! I had fun & enjoyed everyone there. Suki at the local grocery gave Petunia some veggies..thank you!
As I was leaving..Cornelia stopped me & asked me a few questions, & said she was a writer & was going to blog about me & maybe an article in the paper she writes for! that would be cool!
Day 8...ZZzzzZzzzzzzz! slept in at Ben's grandparents beach house. Took the day off, a little too sore & swollen! I think I'm good for tomorrow though.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day mom!

sleeping in a driftwood bungalow on a seceret beach! sshhhh!! its actually quite romantic(not in a lovey-dovey sense). Long walk today. I feel good. I met a lot of really nice people today in the town of Wheeler Oregon.